Fresher’s Week and the Uni Family

We’re finally hitting November, I finally have internet, and final year stress is practically through the roof! October has flown by, and refreshers week became refreshers month, and everything was simply a blur! Coming back to uni, means coming back to refreshers week and whilst our refreshers week is different, seeing the new fresher’s only does one thing. Well two things, firstly, yes it makes me feel old, but secondly? It brings back the joys and memories of fresher’s week or more like fresher’s month, scrap that FRESHERS YEAR! Creating my ‘uni family’ was one of the best experiences I ever had at uni. Nobody knew anybody, yet somehow we were all friends. It was all good loving and all good living!

All the promoters roaming around our hall’s recruiting ticket sellers, and as fresher’s yes we were excited, feeling like we were going to make big bucks and live the life of Scott Disick at uni! When realistically, we’d have to run halfway through town to sell these tickets, in the cold autumn weather and make about £1 off each ticket at the most! It sounds like a rip off now, but those nights when you were broke and counting pennies from your ‘savings jar’ that you’d promised your parents you would fill with money put aside each week for savings, (yeah, that never happened) that ticket money was gold dust! It provided a club entry and possibly even 2 tequilas!

The flat parties were the best memories and the most hilarious memories, nobody knew anybody and your flat parties consisted of your random new friends, who brought friends of friends, who brought friends from other flats who’ve made new flat friends and because everyone winded up at the same place, your flat became the party flat that hosted parties pretty much every day for the first month. Yes, it happens. And if by this time you hadn’t received any noise complaints, visits and letters from the janitor or had any flatmates leave due to the fact that every hour of every day was accompanied by music blasting from the kitchen speakers in the flat, (yes all of these things happened) then from my experience, you did not do fresher’s right!

The ‘Uni Family’ is the best thing you will gain from your university experience obviously alongside your degree! Everyone has their own role, from the ‘motherly’ figure, the birthday present organisers, the ticket providers, the clean freaks and the ones who provide alcohol, cups and ice at every session! Oh and let’s never forget the ones who ALWAYS, without a doubt will lose their keys or their phone! 90% of your time is going to be spent with them, from Uni days off, to meeting up between lectures, to midnight missions to the 24 hour Maccys, to sitting around in silence and reflecting on life and yes, even to the 4am walks back from the Uni library because even though you had a month to do your deadline, somehow doing nothing with the ‘uni family’ became more fun and now all-nighters with the whole group is the only solution. All for one and one for all as they say! Within the first week of uni, without a doubt you’ll end up having a Whatsapp group with about 30 people in there and by the end of the month, it will be about a strong 10 if not less. This will be your social life forever, your contact point for everything and your daily news and events for the whole year. The memes, the jokes, piecing your night together just adds to the hangovers of your morning and slowly but surely, people will leave, and people will be added but this group will eventually be filled with the people that you know you’re going to graduate with.

Now that I’m in final year and that my dissertation has become a priority, I am still grateful that I found my uni family within the first week of fresher’s, because even to this day… three years later, we’re all focusing on our individual degrees but we still have that time to meet up for a Nando’s or a movie night! And no matter how busy we all are, there’s always time to kick it with your girls! It’s true! The friends that become family at uni, are family for life! And they’ll be there graduating alongside you and reminiscing about everything in years to come!

– Nuvs