Time to ‘Adult’

As the wedding begins to get closer, my list seems to get longer. At any given time, I guarantee you there are still a million and one things to do. The cake is finally ordered, so that’s one thing off the list! But then there’s the cake topper… (my mind is now having anxiety).

I started packing my suitcase this weekend for when I get married and move, I have never been so emotional about throwing clothes out. The hot pants that I am just too old to wear, the uni dress that I thought I would fit back in to one day but the one that really brings tears to my eyes is that old bobbly jumper, that no matter how old it gets, how many rips there are you can’t seem to bring yourself to throw it away. Yes, there were some serious ‘feels’ this weekend.

With 7 weeks to go, I am slowly looking back and thinking how time has flown by. The events leading up to the wedding have been non-stop and so much planning has gone in to each one. People always tell me, you’ll blink and the wedding day will be over and with everything that has happened so far, I well and truly believe it.

There is so much planning and organising entailed in a wedding but don’t forget it’s also important to take a step back and just breathe. Appreciate and consider everyone around you, yes this is your big day but never forget the people who helped in making your vision come true! You’re never going to go through this again, you’re never going to experience it this way again so always be grateful for those who have been involved and have gone that extra mile to make sure you’re happy.

My parents have supported me from day 1 in making these decisions, even when a MAJOR bridezilla tantrum occurs. They are always there first helping financially, doing whatever they can to make sure I get what I want. They provide me with life lessons so that I can make my new family proud and teach me all of the tricks of the trade so that I can stand on my own two feet for when I have to go and ‘adult’ in the next couple of months. I am nothing but grateful for everything they’ve done so far and it’s not even just for the next couple of months, they help me with thinking of the future, asking what my plans are and are always throwing suggestions in what I can do to make future me successful. They’re always on my side and even though sometimes it seems like a lecture, essentially, they’re teaching me how to ‘adult’ and you don’t get that in school folks!

My sisters are literally the wedding planners of life, they have been so on the ball and are always planning and organising the next thing on that list from favours, to colour themes, to fillers and decoration, all whilst I sit on my throne and delegate like the sass Queen I am, OBVIOUSLY! I look back at everything they do whilst this wedding is ongoing, work; children; family they have so many commitments but they still manage to prioritise me and for that I deem myself so lucky.

My friends, my meltdown heroes. They are always there without a doubt, providing me with the tips to being a bride, showing me 20 different toppers I can use for the cake and they drop literally everything just to be with me. From helping to organise my hens (yes I had more than one because I’m a Queen, she gets two birthdays so I get two hens… possibly more), to making every last experience as a ‘Miss’ with them amazing. My whatsapp groups are always firing off and honestly it brings to light how much I value my besties! They are one in a million, they have so many other priorities but no matter where they are, they’re always here when I need them and that is true friendship (soppy times). And because they love me I know they’ll share my blog, k thanks boo (wuddup self-promotion).

There are so many people who offer that helping hand through this wedding planning and even with the roller coaster of emotions that I am experiencing right now I can never forget my rock in this all. My fiancé, he deserves more than a medal. The stress I put him through because I’m stressed; the mood swings he takes because I’m stressed; the junk food I make him eat because I’m stressed. The list goes on, I joke! He has literally done so much for me, every weekend there is a new agenda from planning playlists to practising the first dance to choosing a cake topper (which still isn’t sorted hint hint). With all this ongoing he’s always there to set that next reminder and make sure he’s prepared for the next errand and honestly it’s the best experience ever.

Little things like picking your wedding bands, that look in the car when you realise that this is going to be your ‘first dance song’, all this wedding planning brings you so much closer and makes you realise not only how much you need one another but also how much you can’t live without one another. Let’s face it, you’d have no-one to piss off, no-one to eat your food (as much as I hate it, he’s my food thief not anyone else’s). The one thing that I will always be grateful for with my fiancé is his understanding and his consideration. He does everything and anything to make sure that when I move I won’t feel home sick, he even let me decorate the room how I wanted to so I could feel at home (I know I was going to make sure I did it anyway because that’s a given but you know it’s the thought that counts). He motivates me for the future in finding a career, he plans our holiday destinations so that we can conquer the world (I kid you not he brought a MASSIVE map for our wall so we can start flagging off the countries we visit!) He always makes that effort with my family and friends, he’ll come over to have a beer with my dad and even read the Indian news so there is conversation flowing! That’s some brownie points right there! He’ll visit on weekends to meet the family because he understands how important it is to me. And this is what brings everything in to perspective, it’s important to remember that although I am moving away and leaving my family, my fiancé is also making sacrifices so that he can be my family and that’s something that is so pure that it makes me feel so lucky to be with him.

From when you’ve set the date to the actual wedding day everything in between flies by so quickly and it is majorly important to appreciate those who have been by your side through it all. This experience only happens once and it’s not long before I’ll be married off and (slightly) further away from my loved ones, so I am not only grateful but MAJORLY thankful for everyone that’s been involved in their special ways.



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